Jess's mumblr

It should be fairly trivial to teach mumblr to know when it needs to rebuild the site. We could use features of content-addressing to make it happen.

Mumblr reads the markdown files from the user's WebNative filesystem at /public/Posts/. Because that directory is stored in IPFS, it has a Content ID, or CID, that represents a hash of the directory's contents. When building the site, mumblr stores the generated assets in /public/Apps/mumblr/. It would be simple for mumblr to store the CID for /public/Posts/ in a flat file alongside the generated assets.

Mumblr would simply check the current CID of /public/Posts/ against the CID stored in /public/Apps/mumblr/ and, if they are different, indicate that somehow in the UI.

Content addressing has interesting design implications.

Of course, no sooner do I get mumblr up and running that I realize a host of other things about it that are not quite general enough for others to use.

Such is the way of software! is live!

It took about 2 months of working on this off and on to get it to be fully functional enough for others to use it, but I think it's plenty good enough. Write posts in markdown. Build your site and get your own website hosted on IPFS for free. You own all the data. Pretty interesting!

This is the first post on my own mumblr blog. I'm not exactly sure how I'll use it, but it's there. We'll see.

Code is up on github, if you're into that sort of thing.